• No Poopers at This Party—NEMPA’s 2011 Holiday Bash

    Thanks to everyone who made the trek to Boston to attend this year’s Christmas/Hannuka/Kwanzaa/New Year’s get-together at the Globe. Thanks to everyone who brought gifts and special goodies. (A lot of us are at home now, reading a coffee-table book about Washington DC in our Chevy centennial T-shirts while munching on cookies and white chocolate–all of which we brought home in an E-Jag anniversary bag.) Special thanks to the performers who played for us and those who checked their dignity at the door and became elves and Grinches and Santas. And a special tip of the beanie to Bill Griffith, who left his dessert long enough to take these photos. Happy holidays to all!

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    1. Antoinette A.
      Dec 19th

      so sorry I missed it! Looks like it was fun, as usual!
      Great photos, Bill!

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